B.A.P. Releases CF Spot Trailer for “Angel”

2014-01-29 02:27:01 2014-01-29 02:27:01

Five days before their highly anticipated full album comeback, B.A.P released a shot CF teaser for their track “Angel” through their official YouTube channel.

The group had previously released a medley audio preview and track list for their first full album, “First Sensibility.” B.A.P worked with the Kang Ji Won-Kim Ki Bum combo as their main producers, with whom they’ve worked a lot with before, and have come up with an album featuring songs of various genres and messages. The album not only features 13 tracks, but 13 solid tracks of quality, really letting B.A.P’s talents shine through.

The teaser highlights each of the members and gives a brief audio preview of their main track, “Angel.” The teaser ends with a shot of the group lying near the skeleton of a large animal and the words, “You, like an angel.”

“Angel” will be released on February 3.