Dal Shabet Promotes “Ashley” Restaurant in China

2014-01-29 16:33:42 2014-01-29 16:33:42
dal shabet

Are you in Korea or China craving for some good American food? Maybe girl group Dal Shabet has the answer with their latest restaurant endorsement.

Dal Shabet has been recently been promoting the American steak and salad restaurant “Ashley” in locations across China and Korea. Last month, the girl group had special fan signing events at “Ashley” locations in Shanghai.

Regarding their relationship with Ashley restaurant, Dal Shabet stated, “We plan to help Ashley restaurants to become the representative brand for foreign food in China and Korea.”


Dal Shabet recently released their hit single “B.B.B.” (Big Baby Baby) which has been very popular on China’s Youku video site. The group recently treated their fans to delicious fried chicken to celebrate the release of “B.B.B.”

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