Girls’ Generation’s Yuri Shares Candid High School Photo

2014-01-29 22:28:07 2014-01-29 22:28:07

GIrls’ Generation‘s Yuri posted one of her high school photos online along with the message “High School 1?! 17 years old ?! kekeke..” Yuri was a seventeen year old freshman in high school at the time the picture was taken. The photo shows that even during her school years, Yuri had a great smile.

The candid photo shows Yuri smartly dressed in her school uniform with her hair down as she sits at her table. The singer’s beauty is already noticeable in her high school photo, and she looks like she hasn’t aged. Judging from her high school photo, Yuri must have been very popular during her school years.

In other news, Girls’ Generation recently took home an award at the 23rd Seoul Music Awards.