SBS Comedian from “Oot Chat Sa” Charged with Sexually Assaulting a High School Girl

2014-01-29 20:20:01 2014-01-29 20:20:01

An SBS comedian from the gag program “Oot Chat Sa” has been charged with sexually abusing a minor. This comedian, Mr. Gong, has been appearing on “Oot Chat Sa” up until recently.

On January 29, SBS announced Mr. Gong’s ban from broadcast after he was charged with sexually abusing a female high school student.

SBS reps commented, “We decided not to let this comedian appear on broadcast anymore. Mr. Gong debuted as an SBS comedian in 2009 but he has also appeared on other broadcasting channels. We had no idea that he was being investigated or charged. We apologize for giving discomfort to our viewers.”

According to the police, Mr. Gong was at a restaurant in Busan around October of 2010 when he saw A (at the time, 17-years-old) passing by. He approached her and said, “I am a comedian on TV.” Mr. Gong reportedly went to a nearby motel with A and drank together. After A fell asleep in a different room, he went to her and molested her. He then forced A to his room, lay her on his bed and tried to rape her but A was able to get away .