Sunny Hill Takes You Behind the Scenes of Their MV “Don’t Say Anything”

2014-01-29 02:15:59 2014-01-29 02:15:59
sunny hill

Vocal group Sunny Hill made their comeback last week with the release of their music videoDon’t Say Anything,” and now the group has released a behind the scenes video of their music video filming through the official Loen Entertainment YouTube channel.

“Don’t Say Anything” is their first release after their only male member Jang Hyun returned from his military service, and marks the transformation of the group from a co-ed group into a girl group. Jang Hyun has decided to become a music producer, working behind the scenes instead of performing on stage.

In the video, member Seung Ah takes hold of the camera and takes you behind the scenes of the music video filming. She also asks her fellow members a few questions about their song and their new concepts.