Dal Shabet’s Subin Parodies “Man From the Stars” on Twitter with Misspelling

2014-01-30 15:01:23 2014-01-30 15:03:21

Dal Shabet‘s Subin tweeted a funny picture and message that parodies a hilarious scene from the drama “Man From the Stars.”

In the post, Subin poses with a cup of coffee and writes the message, “I’m thankful~ Mayor, in this type of weather, have a cup of coffee~ but why… does the cinnamon smell like “gye pi?” (gye pi is the Korean word for cinnamon) Even today, everyone Smail[sic]~ They say he will sign me up for English classes. The representative ahem.”

Subin’s message contains comedic errors and confusion as she misspells “smile” as “smail” as a parody for a similar scene from “Man from the Stars.”

In “Man From the Stars,” Song Yi(Jun Ji Hyun) takes a selca and confuses “cotton seed” and “mocha seed” in her message.