Lee Jong Suk Says Filming “The Face Reader” Was A Rather “Traumatic” Experience

2014-01-31 13:48:14 2014-01-31 13:48:14

Actor Lee Jong Suk recently opened up about the personal “trauma” that stayed with him after filming blockbuster historical flick, “The Face Reader,” which drew over 9 million viewers. 

The talented actor told eNEWS, “I developed a sort of trauma related to historical plays. While I was watching ‘The Face Reader,’ I noticed that any time there was a scene with me in it, the flow would be disrupted. Watching myself caused me a good deal of agony and even self-reproach.” 

He continued, “Because I was feeling tortured about it, the director and even actor Song Kang Ho praised me, saying I did well. However, I still felt that those scenes really stuck out. After ‘The Face Reader,’ I started to have fears related to acting. I was not in a good place.” 

In “The Face Reader,” Lee Jong Suk plays the role of Jin Young, son of Nae Kyung (played by Song Kang Ho), the talented face reader and main protagonist. His character goes on to take the state examination, places first, and enters the palace to serve the king. 

Lee Jong Suk also talked about how filming the movie “Hotblooded Youth” turned out to be a healing experience for him after “The Face Reader.” “Breathing in the fresh air in the countryside, I was able to let everything go and focus on my acting. Because of ‘The Face Reader’ and “Hotblooded Youth,’ I want to be able to show more lively acting in future films.”