Song Ji Hyo Secretly Checks her Blood Pressure

2014-01-31 02:59:24 2014-01-31 03:01:16

Song Ji Hyo was caught secretly checking her blood pressure while resting between filming for her tvN drama.

As the actress stars as an ER intern in “Emergency Couple,” Song Ji Hyo couldn’t help but measure her own blood pressure as she worked with medical machines during filming. The behind the scenes photos show how the actress grins when caught checking her blood pressure.

Although the actress comes out as an outgoing and energetic member of SBS’ “Running Man,” when it comes to health, the actress is on top of her game. Besides checking her blood pressure, the actress also prepares for emotional scenes during her filming breaks.

As “Emergency Couple” follows the coincidental reunion of ex-husband and wife, Song Ji Hyo’s character, Oh Jin Hee, is bound to go through emotional rollercoasters. While the actress acts out blood pressure raising scenes in which she battles it out with her ex, Song Ji Hyo’s character also requires the actress to shed tears due to the heartbreaking events in ER and in the amending relationship with ex-husband Choi Jin Hyuk (who plays Oh Chang Min).

Song Ji Hyo’s beauty is always evident, even through these photos. Watch how her character’s relationship blossoms with her ex-husband in the stressful ER room through tvN’s “Emergency Couple.” The drama airs ever Friday and Saturday nights at 8:40 PM (KST).