Lee Jong Suk is Back with a New Hair Style

2014-02-01 20:41:21 2014-03-30 22:23:08

Recently, an acquaintance of actor Lee Jong Suk had uploaded a photo of Lee Jong Suk on his Twitter account. In the photo, Lee Jong Suk changed his hair color back to black. He had a rebellious expression. His black hair accentuated his pale skin and small face.

Lee Jong Suk shone with his interesting semi-black clothing style. He wore a round cut white t-shirt under a white polka dotted black sweater. He wore black slacks. Lee Jong Suk topped off his chic outfit with a leather jacket. As a former model, Lee Jong Suk completed his fashionable style.

Netizens positively commented on his new hair style with “Lee Jong Suk returned with his black hair. He is very handsome. I have waited for him to return to his black hair.”

Meanwhile, in January, Lee Jong Suk returned to the theaters with his new movie “Hotblooded Youth.” The film is a romantic comedy film which is based on a story of friendships, rivalries, and secret crushes among high school students in the 1980’s. Lee Jong Suk played the role of Joong Gil who is the school’s Casanova. Actress Park Bo Young, actress Lee Se Young, and actor Kim Young Kwang are also featured in the movie.

Lee Jong Suk Black Hair