Jun Ji Hyun Doing Wire Action for “Man From the Stars”

2014-02-02 14:13:12 2014-02-02 14:13:12
jun ji hyun

SBS’s “Man From the Stars” revealed stills of actress Jun Ji Hyun on wires, gathering a lot of attention.

Jun Ji Hyun played the sexy Yenicall in the 2012 film “Thieves,” where she previously participated in some wire action. At the time, she said, “In order to smoothly portray a rope-expert thief, I had to do basic conditioning and training in jumping from heights.”

This time around, she is wearing the wires for the 13th and 14th episode of “Man From the Stars,” which aired on January 29. Reminiscent of the actress’s character Ryeon Jung Hee in the film “The Berlin Files,” in a trench coat and ponytail, Jun Ji Hyun looked like the ever experienced action star, absolutely at home, just hanging in the air. 

One staff member said, “It’s the Jun Ji Hyun we’ve all heard about. She doesn’t ever hold back while filming for ‘Man From the Stars,’ and the same holds true for when she’s wearing the wires. For those who remember her from ‘Thieves,’ this is another chance to see some great scenes from her, and we’d love it if everyone would watch the broadcast to see why she is wearing the wires.”

Currently, “Man From the Stars” is maintaining the top spot among the Wednesday-Thursday airing dramas, with a high South Korea viewer rating of 26.4% (Seoul viewer rating: 28.2%). Jun Ji Hyun’s wire scene was shown in the 13th episode from January 29, and will continue in the next episode, which will air on February 5.

On January 30, the film “Secretly, Greatly” starring Kim Soo Hyun was aired instead of “Man From the Stars” for a lunar new year special.

jun ji hyun

Jun Ji Hyun in “Thieves”

jun ji hyun