Rainbow’s Jae Kyung Breaks a Camera Lens with an Arrow

2014-02-02 04:26:05 2014-02-02 04:26:05

Rainbow’s Jae Kyung revealed a photo of herself with a broken camera lens. On January 30, Jae Kyung had uploaded four photographs of herself and a short message, “Ta-dah! For the Idol Star Archery competition for the bronze medal, the poor sacrificial lamb that was on the camera stand. It is a broken camera lens. Can you see the arrow mark on it? It is interesting, right? I think Rainbow will be successful in 2014.”

In the photographs, Jae Kyung held the broken camera lens which was broken by her arrow. Her arrow had exactly hit the camera. She has a big smile in the photos and looked proud of her broken camera lens. Jae Kyung looks very innocent and sweet with her pale skin and sharp facial structure.

On January 30, Jae Kyung participated in the 2014 Lunar New Year special “Idol Star Athletics Championship.” The idol stars that cooperated in this competition had participated in different sports such as track, archery, curling, and futsal. Jae Kyung participated in the archery section for the competition. On this day, Jae Kyung had not performed well by making marks at 7 points and 8 points. However, she beat SISTAR’s Bora and participated in the semi-finals. In the semi-finals, Jae Kyung’s arrow hit the camera during her competition against After School’s Lizzy.
 Jae Kyung

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