“War of Words” Discusses Product Placement in Travel Variety Shows

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war of words

JTBC’s “War of Words” has criticized the use of product placement (PPT) in travel variety shows.

On January 30, the cast shared their thoughts on the thought-provoking subject. Thanks to popular variety shows “1 Night, 2 Days,” “Noonas Over Flowers,” and “Grandpas Over Flowers” that follow the cast’s adventures in Korea and abroad, an increasing number of viewers are interested in exploring the world themselves.

The MCs revealed that the production costs of such travel variety shows are usually covered by sponsorships. However, it has been difficult for shows filmed overseas to attract sponsors, as the production costs are significantly higher.

As a result, “Noonas Over Flowers” has turned to product placement. The cast can be seen enjoying drinks, snacks, and other products fit for the show’s image, and the earnings are used to cover the production expenses.

While the advertisement is mostly done in a subtle way, there have been cases that evoked criticism from viewers. For example, one of the ladies said, “This is a snack that I brought from Korea, but it really goes well together with coffee,” bluntly highlighting the product in question.

Comedian and professor Lee Yoon Suk commented, “The sponsored products have to blend into the story well, that way the viewers won’t feel uncomfortable.”

Have you noticed the product placement in these variety shows? What is your opinion on it?

war of words