Watch Bebe Mignon’s Ben’s Emotional Performance on “Perfect Singer VS”

2014-02-02 06:46:16 2014-02-02 06:46:16
bebe mignon

Many at home celebrated the Lunar New Year by watching Bebe Mignon’s Ben perform a spectacular rendition of Lee Sun Hee’s “Connection.” On January 31, Ben was featured in the “Hidden Singer VS’” special episode, Silver Friday, and nearly perfected Lee Sun Hee’s song. The Silver Friday episode had former guests who, although had high points, could not compete in the perfect singer round due to their team’s loss. Last December, Ben’s performance of “Connection” had ranked the show’s highest points of 98.548, but the singer could not compete in the final round due to her team’s loss.

Thus, the New Year episode was an opportunity for the singer to try and claim the title of Perfect Singer, as well as the prize money. Although Ben made one minor mistake, the near flawless performance was filled with such raw emotion that all the guests could not help but give the singer a standing ovation. In regards to the prize, Ben earned 1000 don of silver. With don, which is the Korean weighing unit for precious metal, equaling about 3.75 grams, the singer won the prize of about 3750 grams (~8.2 pounds) of silver.

Congratulations to Ben, and we hope that this special moment will be the start of more successes in the future. Check out Ben’s near perfect performance below!