Acoustic Band Redchair Releases MV Celebrating the New Lunar Year

2014-02-03 01:19:47 2014-02-03 01:19:47

Co-ed group Red Chair released a music video for track “New Year Got Brighter” just a few days after Lunar New Year.

The music video brings out an indie feel as the group purposely left out the extra lighting and fast-paced editing. The few special effects highlight the easygoing feel of the song welcoming the new year.

The group consists of many talents. Leader Soo Kyung is in charge of vocals, and has already proven her skills as a musician by participating and winning in musician festivals, as well as participating in senior Lee Seung Chul’s “My Love” album as a composer. Percussionist Jung Jae Hoon previously worked with 10cm, Urban Zakapa, Sweet Sorrow, and Park Hyo Shin among others as a session band member during their concerts. Kang Joo Eun plays the piano and Kim Bo Gyu is the guitarist in the band.

Check out the laid-back music video below!