Girl’s Day Sojin Talks About Her Five-Year Crush

2014-02-03 16:35:31 2014-02-03 16:35:31

Girl’s Day‘s Sojin recently confessed that she once had a crush on a guy for five years.

On the episode of “Hello Counselor” that aired on February 4, Sojin, along with the other members of Girl’s Day were guests.

During the episode, comedian Kim Young Hee revealed that she’s had a crush on her “Gag Concert” junior Im Woo Il for three years straight. She revealed that she confessed to him but got rejected.

After hearing this story, Sojin confessed, “I also liked a guy for five years.”

She continued, “Once my engine ignites, it goes for a long time. Every time I got drunk, I texted or called him but he didn’t accept me. After I debuted, he called me and said he regretted not accepting me.”

Meanwhile, Sojin also shared one of her biggest worries being her age as she is turning 30 next year.

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