Kye Bum Joo Releases Music Video for “Game Over”

2014-02-03 22:03:25 2014-02-03 22:03:25
game over

Kye Bum Joo (Kye Bum Zu) just released his music video for “Game Over,” starring rapper New Champ and Pledis Entertainment rookies Lim Na Young and Shin So Yi 

In the music video, New Champ is with his girlfriend Shin So Yi when their friends show up, and everyone is introduced to each other. Then we see images of New Champ and Lim Na Young together, Shin So Yi hanging onto her phone, then New Champ and Shin So Yi arguing, while Kye Bum Joo sings about betrayal with a friend. Watch the video to find out what went down!

“Game Over,” like Kye Bum Joo’s previous song “Something Special,” was co-composed by Buga KingzJuvie Train and Kye Bum Joo. 

 Check out the music video below!