Pro C Lunar New Year Greetings Video to Fans

2014-02-03 10:53:11 2014-02-03 10:53:11
moos, puffy

Moos and Puffy, members of Pro C, extended their Lunar New Year greetings through posting a video message on J. Tune Camp’s official YouTube channel on February 2.

In the video, Moos and Puffy finally reveal their faces, and they spill the beans about their plans to show fans a closer look into their lives in the future. They also announce that their second digital single, “The Side that Loves More Hurts,” featuring Ailee, will be released on February 5.

The duo continues in thanking K.Will for lending his voice to their first single, “Bad Memory,” and Ailee for her contribution in their second digital single “The Side that Loves More Hurts.”

Pro-C ends the video message saying they will work hard to become singers that do their best.