Shinhwa’s Lee Min Woo (M) Drops Colorful “Taxi” MV Teaser

2014-02-03 01:41:37 2014-02-03 01:41:37

Great news for Shinhwa fans!

Lee Min Woo, known as the dancer in the group and also goes by stage name M, released a video teaser for his solo title track “Taxi” off of album “M+TEN.” This will mark five years since his last album, and leader Eric will be featured in the special album.

“Taxi” will show off the singer’s lyrical skills as Lee Min Woo composed the lyrics while fellow Shinhwa member Eric composed and featured in the rap portion of the song. With the project team “Split” participating in the production of the new album, fans can expect some high quality music.

Previous stills revealed that there will be cameos by Sam Hammington, Kim Joon Hyun, Yoo Min Sang and fellow Shinhwa member Jun Jin.

“M+TEN” will be released on February 6, so don’t miss out on Lee Min Woo’s amazing new album!