T-Ara’s Former Member Hwayoung Hospitalized Due to Car Accident

2014-02-03 02:18:58 2014-02-03 02:18:58

A representative from Wellmade StarM revealed on February 3 that Hwayoung was on her way to meet an acquaintance the day before when her car got hit from behind when passing through a park in the Gangnam district.

She received small bruises from the small accident and the doctor recommend that she should rest for a week. She was hospitalized on February 3.

A Wellmade StarM representative stated, “Hwayoung’s injury is not big. However, she will not be able to attend all of her schedules due to being hospitalized.”

Meanwhile, Hwayoung’s contract ended with previous label Core Contents Media in 2012 and signed an exclusive contract with Wellmade StarM last month in order to pursue her dreams as an actress.