What Is Model Jang Yoon Ju’s Diet to Keep Her Body so Slim?

2014-02-04 10:00:30 2014-02-04 10:00:30

Model Jang Yoon Ju is known for her slim figure as she has become one of the faces for Korea’s model and fashion industry. However, it isn’t so simple to maintain such figure, as the 5 feet 6 inches model is always in the spotlight. When Jang Yoon Ju was a guest in last month’s “Happy Together 3,” the model shared, “I pay attention to what I eat. Also, I eat the organic vegetables that have my mother’s touch. I check my weight twice a day because I can tell my weight changes are due to the amount of sleep I get and the things I eat while meeting up with certain people.”


Furthermore, the model emphasized, “It is impossible to maintain my current body without exercise. I wake up in the morning, and without eating, I just run without thinking.” Jang Yoon Ju’s methods in reducing her appetite is no secret, as the model’s fit body had been gaining attention in the past. Furthermore, the model frequently posts her meals on her SNS, and it is obvious that the vegetables and fruits are fresh and healthy.


Although we are not models (not all of us anyway), and thus don’t need to go to the extreme like Jang Yoon Ju, perhaps we could all take her tip and exercise to maintain a healthy life.