Zizo Releases a Feel-Good MV for “Winter of Haeundae” Feat. Lim Kim and Actress Shin So Yul

2014-02-04 21:31:57 2014-02-04 21:31:57

Rapper Zizo released the music video for his new song “Winter of Haeundae,” which features the smooth, unique timbre of Lim Kim.

In the song, Lim Kim and Zizo talk of a spontaneous getaway, leaving all worries and failures behind. The feel good lyrics were the work of Zizo himself, and producing and composing the song was talented producer Nuol. Combining the chill arpeggio synthesizer sound with Lim Kim’s light, carefree voice and Zizo’s optimistic rap, “Winter of Haeundae” is a must-listen, perfectly transforming the normally summer theme of vacation into a lighthearted winter sound.

The music video adds an extra layer to the song, with actress Shin So Yul and her boyfriend in the video improvising their very own vacation on a rooftop, even without a beach or warm sand.