Girls’ Generation’s YoonA Smiles in Family Photo with DJ RUBATO

2014-02-05 23:53:41 2014-02-05 23:54:04

Girls’ Generation‘s YoonA has appeared in photos with cousin DJ RUBATO on posts from his Instagram page. The photos show the resembling relatives smiling with their arms crossed. YoonA looks lovely, like always, in her pink fuzzy sweater and natural look.  


The second photo shows a personally signed picture of YoonA given to DJ RUBATO with the message, “Oppa… you will become the best rapper.” Judging from the sweet message, it seems the two relatives share a good relationship, and maybe one day, they will release a collaboration track. 


In other news, YoonA’s recent drama “Prime Minister and I” just had their final episode on February 4. YoonA showed her good work ethic during the filming of the drama by constantly studying her script.