Lee Min Woo Takes the Best “Taxi” Ride Ever in New Music Video

2014-02-05 20:16:44 2016-03-23 23:09:59
lee min woo

Lee Min Woo of the legendary k-pop boy group, Shinhwa, released the music video for his solo track, “Taxi” featuring Eric Mun, through the official CJ E&M YouTube channel.

“Taxi” is the main track off of his celebratory album, “M+Ten.” The album was released to celebrate Lee Min Woo’s ten years as the solo artist M. It has also been five years since his last solo album. “Taxi” was composed by Eric, who also wrote the rap, and the musical lyrics were penned by Lee Min Woo. Producing team Split also participated in the production of the album.

The music video shows Lee Min Woo take a very interesting and very long taxi ride after a wild night of partying. Sam HammingtonKim Joon HyunYoo Min Sang and fellow Shinhwa member Jun Jin make cameos in the music video.