Park Min Young Will Not Join “Doctor Stranger,” Is Looking Through “You’re Surrounded” Instead

2014-02-05 11:38:51 2014-02-05 11:38:51

After news of Lee Jong Suk and Park Hae Jin‘s additions to the upcoming drama “Doctor Stranger,Park Min Young, who was a strong candidate for the female lead, has announced that she is looking through a different drama.

According to television insiders, “Park Min Young has become a strong candidate for another drama, ‘You’re Surrounded.’ Therefore, her ‘Doctor Stranger’ appearance possibility has fell through.”

Previously, Park Min Young received a lovecall for the female lead for “Doctor Stranger.” However, due to many different reasons, she decided to not join the drama.

It is said that Park Min Young is positively looking through “You’re Surrounded.” If this is confirmed, it will be her first TV drama since 2012’s “Dr. Jin.”

“You’re Surrounded” is a story of rookie policemen in their twenties. If Park Min Young joins this drama, she will be playing the role of a strong female detective.

Park Min Young’s agency reps commented, “It is true that she received the offer. She is currently positively looking through the script.”

Meanwhile, “You’re Surrounded” will be written by “Ojakgyo Brothers” writer Lee Jung Sun. It will also be directed by the “Incarnation of Money,” “Giant,” “Salaryman Chohanji” director, Yoo In Shik.

“You’re All Surrounded” will air after “Three Days” comes to an end.