Actors Kang Dong Won and Song Hye Gyo Spotted At The Premiere of “The Laws of Pleasure”

2014-02-06 13:59:23 2014-02-06 13:59:23

Actors Song Hye Gyo and Kang Dong Won were spotted at the VIP premiere of the movie “The Laws of Pleasure.” On that day, the two actors did not pose in front of the photo wall many celebrities tend to visit before coming to watch the movie and were also seated separately.

As well as being in the same agency, Song Hye Gyo and Kang Dong Woon are starring in the movie “My Palpitating Life” as a couple. The two had made news headlines when they sat next to each other at the VIP premiere of “Hwayi: The Monster Boy.”

Netizens who saw them commented, “They both look so good. They really do shine,” “I can’t wait until their movie comes out.”