Actress Lee Bo Young Shows Off Her Sweet New Life With Husband Ji Sung

2014-02-06 21:56:19 2014-02-06 21:56:19

On the SBS TV show “Night of TV Entertainment” that was aired on February 5, actress Lee Bo Young revealed that everything is still sweet and romantic between her and her newlywed husband fellow actor Ji Sung.

When the reporter asked her how New Years went, she answered, “We met each of our parents, ate really good food and gave them the New Year’s bows.”

She continued on saying that as well as making him breakfast every day, she also said, “When we work, it’s important to eat at home. It gets tiring to eat out everyday. This morning, Ji Sung oppa made me breakfast because I had a schedule. He made me seaweed soup with beef.”

The actress further added, “These days, Ji Sung throws away the garbage and does the recycling,” a statement which brought even more envy from the female fans.

The couple wed last September after seven years of being together.

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