Actress Lee Na Young Participates in Lancome’s “International Women’s Day” Campaign

2014-02-06 16:34:48 2015-04-28 23:33:38

Actress Lee Na Young is more beautiful than a flower.

On February 4, cosmetic brand Lancôme released a pictorial featuring Lee Na Young to commemorate “International Women’s Day.” This campaign uses the motto “Bright Face, Bright Heart, Beautiful Future” to cheer on unemployed women trying to get re-employed on March 8, which is known as “International Women’s Day”

Lee Na Young was captured with hundreds of roses to instill confidence in the women who are preparing for employment. According to the advertisement crew, Lee Na Young successfully represented a confident woman who is strong, proud and charming with her never-changing beauty.

Lee Na Young commented positively about being the model for the campaign. “I am happy to participate in a campaign that is meaningful for women who are mothers, wives, daughters, and a members of the community.” Lancôme plans to hold the national “Bright Face, Bright Heart, Beautiful Future” campaign until the end of March.

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