Crayon Pop to Come Back with a Brand New Concept without Helmets in April

2014-02-06 01:38:54 2014-02-06 01:38:54

Crayon Pop has their sights set on April as the opportune time for the release of their first album. And this time, they’re tossing aside their helmets for a brand spankin’ new look. 

Chrome Entertainment told Star News, “With plans to make their comeback in april, Crayon Pop is prepping their album at full speed. It will be their first full album. Crayon Pop has a schedule of activities both home and abroad, which is why their comeback date has been set in April.” 

“Our team of composers has grown and includes composer Kim Yoo Mi, who was behind ‘Bar Bar Bar.’ We’re currently getting a lot of songs since it’s a full album. They’re paying more attention and giving it all they’ve got,” they added. 

On an interesting note, the agency revealed that Crayon Pop will be ditching their trademark helmets for this album’s concept. “Although nothing has been finalized, we plan to try a different concept. Since we’ve used the helmet a lot so far, there’s a very low likelihood we’ll be using them again,” they said. 

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