Cute BTS Photos of Shin So Yul and Kim Jung Hun’s “Winter of Haeundae” Rooftop Date

2014-02-06 01:10:21 2014-02-06 01:10:21
shin so yul

Shin So Yul and Kim Jung Hun showed great chemistry as they smiled with each other in behind the scenes photos from rapper Zizo‘s recent MV “Winter of Haeundae.” The two look lovely together on this special rooftop date as they capture the warm romance of a cold winter.

The smiling couple posed for a cute selca together on their special date. They are dressed in an array of colors and wear stylish scarves.

shin so yul1

Shin So Yul looks bashful as Kim Jung Hun plays with her scarf in this candid scene. They are starting to look like a real couple!

shin so yul 2

You can watch more of the couple’s rooftop date in rapper Zizo’s smooth and lighthearted MV “Winter of Haeundae.”