Is Nicole Getting Ready to Make Her Solo Debut?

2014-02-06 03:20:06 2014-02-06 03:20:06

Will we see Nicole making her solo debut soon? This photo certainly seems to indicate so!

On February 6, Nicole retweeted a photo Jermaine Browne had posted on his Instagram, with the brief message, “selfie after lesson (:.”

In the photo Nicole smiles brightly beside choreographer Jermaine Browne. The two appear to be having a lesson at a studio, hard at work. Both toss up V-signs for the camera in unison.

In related news, Nicole’s contract expired this past January 16 with DSP Media, and it appears Nicole will no longer be a member of KARA with the discussion of adding two members going around. According to sources, Nicole is presently taking lessons while preparing for her solo debut in the United States.

She was also spotted on the streets with her companions at some kind of festival by an observer who recognized her.