Lee Min Woo Wants to Collaborate with Girl’s Day

2014-02-06 15:14:59 2014-02-06 15:14:59

Singer Lee Min Woo’s group, Shinhwa, has come a long way since their debut in the early era of K-Pop idols. It will be sixteen years this march since the group debuted together.

Given the years of experience under his belt, Minwoo was asked to share any advice he might have for younger artists in an interview with Sports Korea

“You have to prioritize your fans. It wouldn’t be right to think about your profit or gain before the fans. Also, you have to be considerate and thoughtful towards your team members – only then can you be a person who receives love,” he said. 

Minwoo also picked his favorite junior artist as Girl’s Day, expressing his own fanboy awe for all the sexy girl groups these days. “When I watch junior artists, a lot of thoughts come to mind. As a male fan, it’s exciting to see the battle of the sexiest go on (laugh). All joking aside, I’d like to applaud their continual pursuit of change. I’m looking forward to see what’s next. The girl group that stands out the most? For me, it’s Girl’s Day. There’s been a lot of collaborations between artists these days, I wonder that might be a possibility for us? (haha),” he mused. 

Lee Minwoo just dropped his new mini album “M+TEN” on february 6 to commemorate his tenth anniversary as a solo artist! He also released a music video for “Taxi,” which features fellow Shinhwa member Eric