Jeon Hye Bin’s Secret to Her Great Figure?

2014-02-07 15:57:04 2014-02-07 15:59:57
jeon hye bin

Jeon Hye Bin recently caught the eye of netizens with footage of her working out on TV.

On the February 4 episode of SBS’s “Beating Hearts,” Jeon Hye Bin was very engaged in working out until late at night, doing ab workouts on her bed. She said, “Ab exercise is something that I try to get done on a regular basis.”

And that wasn’t the end of her workout. Going down the hall, she didn’t just walk, but did walking lunges, and in the bathroom, she did squats while brushing her teeth, utilizing all of her time for exercise.

It turns out, it wasn’t just Jeon Hye Bin working out late at night, but all of the “Beating Hearts” members, who had each been given a pedometer. The Gangnam station chief had proposed a challenge, where he would choose the member with the highest step count for ‘best fireman.’ However, Jeon Hye Bin’s pedometer broke, and she was forced to start over from scratch after all of her hard work, much to the delight of the other team members.

jeon hye bin