Ryang Hyun and Ryang Ha Plan to Make Their Comeback After 7 Years

2014-02-08 04:56:18 2014-02-08 04:56:18

The twin duo is back and ready to invade your television! After debuting back in 2000 under JYP, the twin duo Ryang Hyun and Ryang Ha were well known for their cute image and catchy songs. However, unlike when they debuted at the age of 12, the now 26 years old brothers plan to make their singing comeback through their new manly concept. As it was revealed that the boys have been looking for an agency to call home, the twin brothers have also been practicing on their singing and dancing skills.


In a telephone interview with OSEN, Ryang Hyun commented, “We are planning to comeback with the name Ryang Hyun Ryang Ha. Although we also plan to do our own activities, we want to first work together as a team. A lot of people still have the image of us as young kids, which worries us. However, we have already come back from our military duties, have grown taller, and look different. Starting from this year we will start our activities.”

Ryang Hyun and Ryang Ha were discharged from the military back in 2009, but have only made brief appearances on a few shows. They rose to success with their synced dance skills and catchy songs, especially with their hit track, “Didn’t Go to School!

We hope to hear more great news for these brothers in 2014! Check out one of their performances of “I Didn’t Go to School” back in 2000 (look at that camera work!) below.