Sistar’s Soyu Snaps a Photo with Kim Woo Bin and Jung Gi Go

2014-02-08 05:27:51 2014-02-08 05:27:51

Soyu has proven that she rules the music charts.

Whether it’s with Sistar, or during one of her featured songs, Soyu’s music has always ranked at the top on online music charts. On February 6, Soyu posted a photo on Sistar’s official Twitter with a photo taken at Mnet’s “M! Countdown’s” backstage. The picture shows Soyu in between model and actor Kim Woo Bin and fellow duet partner Jung Gi Go. So Yu and Jung Gi Go have been making their rounds on music programs, showcasing their new, sweet, love song, “Some.”

m countdown

The photo shows Soyu and Jung Gi Go all set and ready in their stage attires, while they pose next to the music show’s MC, Kim Woo Bin. Although an unlikely group, the three celebrities created a warm snapshot, portraying the nice backstage environment of “M! Countdown.”