Ladies’ Code Members Become Mannequins for 2nd “So Wonderful” Teaser

2014-02-09 19:28:36 2014-02-09 19:28:36
ladies' code

Five-member girl group Ladies Code just released the second music video teaser for their new song “So Wonderful.” Watch the first teaser here, featuring member Ri Sae

In the new teaser, the members of Ladies’ Code transform in to mannequins. Each member is shown being dressed and adorned by a mysterious man, and at the end, we see a somewhat expected, but still shocking image of member Ri Sae as a mannequin on a stand with no arms and legs. 

An official at Polaris Entertainment said, “Through the music video, you’ll be able to see Ladies’ Code’s complete and perfect transformation into mannequins.”

Ladies’ Code’s “So Wonderful” will drop online on February 13. 

Check out the new teaser below!