GOT7 Release Second Dance Practice Video for “Girls Girls Girls”

2014-02-10 21:34:18 2014-02-10 21:34:18

JYP Entertainment‘s newest boy group GOT7 has released a second video dace practice video for their debut hit single “Girls Girls Girls.” This one is a bit different from the first in that the members don’t have the distracting name tags, and the lighting seems to better. The members also seem a bit smoother in their choreography. 

The dance practice video should be a great guide for dancers who want to learn the dance because it gives dancers the chance to see the whole choreography sequence without any cutting or editing. The “Girls Girls Girls” dance has gotten fame for their three dance moves: shy dance, growing up dance, and the oh my god dance. You can learn the dance moves here.

Below is the first dance practice video. So what do you think? Do the members of GOT7 look better in the new dance video?