Gary and Haha Are “Running Man” Brothers

2014-02-11 01:24:44 2014-02-11 01:24:44

Rapper Gary revealed a photo of himself and singer Haha on his Twitter account. Gary wrote a message underneath the photo, “A happy Monday!” The revealed photo is of Gary and Haha posing cutely in a car together. Both had the same facial expression and wore hats. They both looked a lot alike. It was almost as if they were brothers.

Netizens commented, “Gary and Haha is the new Monday couple”, “Gary and Haha look like troublemakers”, and “Gary and Haha are looking more and more alike.” Currently, Gary and Haha are appearing on SBS variety show “Running Man.”

The recent episode of “Running Man” was to celebrate the 2014 Winter Olympics. There were two teams that were competing one another. The first team was the “Running Man” team, minus singer Kim Jong Kook. Kim Jong Kook had his own team: singer Seo In Guk; actor Son Ho Joon; actor Park Seo Joon; boy band B1A4’s member Baro; and actress Kang Ye Won. The two teams had to compete in three different competitions. The team that wins the competition will have the opportunity to rest, while the losing team needs to accomplish difficult tasks. This week’s episode had a surprising twist. “Running Man” is aired every Sunday.

Ha Ha and Gary