Singer Younha Hurt By Rumors of Her “Lack of Manners”

2014-02-11 07:49:13 2014-02-11 07:49:13

On February 10, actor Kim Kang Woo from 2014 movie “Tabloid Truth” appeared on MBC radio FM’s “Younha’s Starry Night.” On this day, Kim Kang Woo was asked if he dealt with tabloid rumors, to which he responded. “Thankfully, I am not popular, so I have never had that problem. I also try my best to not cause any rumors.”

The host of the radio show, singer Younha, added, “I have one. The rumor is that I do not greet my senior singers, so I try really hard to greet all my seniors.” Kim Kang Woo encouraged Younha by saying, “Tabloids are all rumors and not true at all.” Younha clarified her position about the rumor by answering, “Thank you! I have been very frustrated about this rumor because the rumor is that I only greet famous seniors.”

“Tabloid Truth” is about a man named Won Gun (Kim Kang Woo), who loses everything due to tabloid rumors. The movie follows Won Gun pursuit for the source of the tabloid rumor. “Tabloid Truth” will be in theaters on February 20.

Earlier this year, Younha greeted her fans with a drama OST track “You Who Came from the Stars” for the SBS drama “Man from the Stars.”