Ga In Gives Some Steamy Talk During “Beatles Code” Talk Show

2014-02-12 21:46:01 2014-02-12 21:46:01

Girl group Brown Eyed Girls’ Ga In who came back with her own solo gave some steamy talk during the talk show “Beatles Code” that was aired on February 11.

From talking about her ideal man, scandals, and her dating style, the singer also opened up about her kiss scene during the shooting for the movie “The Huntresses.”

On her kiss scene with fellow actor Song Sae Byuk, she said, “It was a deep kiss. But when it was time to shoot, Sae Byuk didn’t look at my eyes and he didn’t open his mouth. So I had to open it with my own mouth.”

On the program, Ga In’s honesty shined, especially since it is difficult for any idols, or any female actresses for that matter to come clean and speak as frankly as possible.

Ga In in Beatles Codes