Girls’ Generation YoonA, Taeyeon, Seohyun Teaser Images Released for Comeback “Mr.Mr.”

2014-02-12 19:14:02 2014-02-12 19:14:02
girls' generation

Members YoonA, Taeyeon, and Seohyun of Girls’ Generation have released their image teasers for their upcoming comeback single “Mr. Mr.” The girls look lovely as they pose in a somewhat scary setting of a surgical room.

YoonA looks elegant with her perm straight hair and eyeliner that emphasizes her eyes.


Leader Taeyeon holds a big teddy bear as sits on the floor with her back against the wall.


Maknae Seohyun looks fierce in her black and white dress as she lays on a pink mat on the floor. 


Girls’ Generation’s “Mr. Mr.” will be released February 19, and their mini album will be in stores February 24. The album was produced by the popular production team “The Underdogs.” The group also worked with top choreographer Jillian Meyers for the dance routine.