Ladies’ Code Returns with “So Wonderful” Single and Music Video

2014-02-12 20:01:59 2014-02-12 20:01:59

Five-member girl group Ladies’ Code is back with their first digital single, “So Wonderful“!

“So Wonderful” is Ladies’ Code’s first digital single, following their debut mini album “Bad Girl” and the successful second mini album “Pretty Pretty.” 

“So Wonderful” is produced by the famous Super Changddai, and highlight the group’s unique style of music. Polaris Entertainment commented, “It is safe to say that the attractive ‘So Wonderful’ and its addictive lyrics have brought out all of Ladies’ Code’s charm.”

The music video veers on the eerie and gothic side, with the members transformed into mannequins. Watch the music video below and tell us what you think.

Ladies’ Code’s first comeback stage with “So Wonderful” is on February 13 (KST) at “M!Countdown.”