Girls’ Generation’s “Mr.Mr.” Music Video and Comeback Possibly Postponed, SM Gives Statement

2014-02-13 22:03:08 2014-02-13 22:53:16

Bad news for Girls’ Generation fans! The music video release and the group’s comeback has been postponed due to an incident with the music video.

A considerable amount of data of the music video for “Mr.Mr.” was corrupted during the editing process. Because of the loss, the music video cannot be released on February 19 as originally planned. Girls’ Generation had already released a short video teaser and six individual teaser images.

A representative of SM Entertainment told Osen News, “Some of the data was damaged. We are in the process of recovering. We are discussing the comeback schedule before we can make a decision.”

The group had originally planned to release the music video on February 19, make their comeback performance on “M!Countdown” the day after, and release the full album on the 24. If it comes to that the group has to re-shoot parts of their music video, the comeback could be delayed up to two weeks.