Huh Gak Releases “Tears Fallin’ Like Today” MV for “Man From the Stars”

2014-02-13 05:10:36 2014-02-13 05:10:36
man from the stars

Top vocalist Huh Gak has released the MV for his emotional OST ballad “Tears Fallin’ Like Today” for the popular drama “Man From the Stars.” The MV features some of the heart breaking moments from the popular drama and even includes Kim Soo Hyun‘s memorable crying scene.

“Tears Fallin’ Like Today” is part six of the seven track OST for the alien love drama. Hug Gak’s high and powerful voice goes well with the slow melody to create a beautiful track that successfully captures the heartbreaking love story between alien Do Min Joon(Kim Soo Hyun) and top actress Chun Song Yi(Jun Ji Hyun). 

You can also view the MV for the “Man From the Stars” OST track “Good Bye” sung by SISTAR’s Hyorin here.