Infinite Is Out to Choose the Most Romantic Member for Valentine’s Day

2014-02-13 02:40:47 2014-02-13 02:40:47
this is infinite

Infinite will choose the most ‘romantic guy!’ 

On the February 13 episode of Mnet’s “This Is Infinite,” the boy-group will be out to captivate female hearts in celebration of Valentine’s Day.

In the recent recording of the show, Infinite took a ‘relationship ability exam,’ in which they had to choose the type of intimacy that women like the most: kissing, stroking hair, foot massages, holding hands, etc. Sunggyu, after answering correctly, demonstrated on L, surprising all of the members. The group also visited a day care, to see which member could win the most votes from the children there. 

The production team said, “We put together this special episode to see, among the members of Infinite, which has female fans worldwide, who knows the most about the female heart. With the broadcast of this show, we hope everyone has a great Valentine’s Day.”

“This Is Infinite” airs every Thursday at 7:30 PM (KST).

Which member do you think will come out on top?