YG Invests 500 Million Won into Production for 2NE1’s Music Video

2014-02-13 09:28:24 2014-02-13 09:28:24

CEO Yang Hyun Suk invested approximately 500 million Won (roughly 470,000 USD) in 2NE1‘s music video, an amount comparable to the budget of a blockbuster flick!

Although YG Entertainment has always produced music videos of sizable scale, the budget allocated for 2NE1’s music video production costs this time is an exceptional amount. 

In order to produce a music video that stands apart from the rest, YG Entertainment is keeping it a big secret as to who they will select as producer and part of their team of staff. Word has it that the producer will be a new face in the industry. 

CEO Yang Hyun Suk announced previously that 2NE1’s title track music video will contain CG work and be released on February 28. The teaser clip for the music video will be released on February 24.

2NE1 will be making their comeback with second album, “CRUSH” on february 24. “CRUSH” will feature ten tracks and the third track is said to have been composed by CL.

On march 1, 2NE1 will give their first comeback performance in Seoul to kick off their world tour.