Luhan and Tao Reenact a Scene from “The Heirs”

2014-02-14 00:58:03 2014-02-14 01:37:48

On the February 13 episode of MBC Everyone‘s “EXO’s Showtime,” Luhan and Tao reenacted a scene from the SBS drama, “The Heirs.”

Luhan played Kim Tan while Suho played the part of Cha Eun Sang. However, glancing at Suho, Luhan said, “The female actress is too ugly. I can’t do this.” The other members of EXO switched Suho with Tao.

Tao stepped up to the front saying, “I’ll play Choi Young Do. But Luhan hugged him saying the infamous line from the drama, “Do I like you?”

The members of EXO cheered and laughed in excitement. Tao gave a dumbfounded expression from the shock of Luhan’s hug.

Meanwhile, this episode was the last episode of “EXO’s Showtime.” The members thought about a time they wanted to revisit. Baekhyun and D.O. planned a project to make Xiumin more talkative.