Dal Shabet’s Ah Young Cast in New Drama “A Soothing Soup: 12 Years Reunion,” to Be in Romance with Danny Ahn

2014-02-15 01:09:11 2014-02-15 01:09:11
ah young

Ah Young from Dal Shabet has been cast in JTBC’s upcoming weekend drama “A Soothing Soup: 12 Years Reunion” (working title).

“A Soothing Soup: 12 Years Reunion” is about a girl who gets pregnant in her teens, leading to the breaking up of the two families involved, and tells the story of what happens when the two families reunite 12 years later. In the drama, Ah Young plays the lively 19-year-old high school student Park Moo Hee, who dreams of becoming a top star. She develops a crush on her private tutor, Yoo Soo Han, played by actor Danny Ahn, raising anticipation as to the romance that will unfold between the two.

Ah Young said, “I’m very happy to be a part of this drama, and it’s an honor to be working with the senior actors on the cast. I will do my absolute best as an actress.”

“A Soothing Soup: 12 Years Reunion” will start on March 22.