Girl’s Day Member Minah Thinks Lee Minwoo Looks More Adorable Than Her

2014-02-15 23:40:58 2014-02-15 23:40:58

Shinhwa‘s Lee Minwoo confessed earlier last week in an interview that he wanted to collaborate with Girl’s Day, if possible. 

It seems that dream may be coming true, seeing as how the singer has already become quite chummy with Girl’s Day Minah! The adorable pair took cute selcas backstage at what appeared to be a music broadcast show. Both show off their “eye smiles,” well-known for the ways their eyes close into a upside-down crescent when they smile.

Minah shared the photo along with the following grateful message on Twitter, “With Minwoo Oppa, who was sorry to see our last broadcast yesterday. Oppa, we’ll be watching your final broadcast next week! Oppa must have tasted ‘Gwiyomi’ fruit. He seems even more adorable than I do.” 

On there other hand, Girl’s Day has been promoting their successful track, “Something” while Lee Minwoo has been promoting, “Taxi.”