B1A4 Talks About Importance of Fans and Teamwork at “The Class” Concert

2014-02-16 07:03:00 2014-05-08 05:30:59

Boys of B1A4 agreed that they are not mere colleagues, but true friends.

On February 16, the popular male group held their concert titled “The Class” at Olympic Park SK Olympic Handball Stadium

As the members were introducing their upcoming mini drama, they said, “There is a line [in the drama] that says ‘If it is not us five together, we cannot do anything.’ I think it is true,” and continued to describe their warm friendship, “Even if we make mistakes, we believe in each other.”

“You are the people that made our dream come true,” the members expressed their gratitude towards their supporting fans. “We are very thankful that we can spend this day together with our loving fans. Thank you so much,” they continued, and the atmosphere quickly turned warm and caring.

To emphasize the school theme of “The Class,” B1A4 had prepared a high school-themed mini drama for their fans. In the video revealed during the concert, the members played students with a dream of becoming singers. While preparing for a concert, the five boys’ friendship got stronger as they experienced hardships and faced misunderstandings. The mini drama was a delightful surprise for all fans hoping to see more of B1A4’s acting skills.

In related news, the male group will kick off their “Countryside Tour” next month with a stop in Busan on March 1.