C-Clown Visits Memorial Site of Royal Inspector Park Moon Soo to Kick-Off “Justice” Comeback

2014-02-16 17:56:26 2014-02-16 17:56:26

Boy group C-Clown paid their respects while visiting the grave site of one of Korea’s great historical figures.  On February 15, the boy group visited the grave site of Park Moon Soo, a secret royal inspector known for protecting the people from corrupt authorities during the Joseon Dynasty. C-Clown’s visit was perfect as the group recently made their comeback with the song, “Justice.” The group visited the burial site of inspector Park Moon Soo in order to wish for success on their new album, and to also reflect on the subject of their new song.


Members of C-Clown also left messages on their thoughts after visiting the memorial site. Leader Rome commented, “It was an honor to visit the memorial site of Park Moon Soo after hearing so much about him. We will be the ‘Justice’ in the Korean music industry, just as how the inspector was a figure of justice.” Member Siwoo also expressed, “I found out today that the proper name of inspector Park Moon Soo was Unusual Event Inspector. As how the inspector protected the people from unfair rulings, we too will work our best to create a new order in the Korean music world.”

C-Clown made their comeback on February 13 with their new song, “Justice,” and has continued to show their strong vocals and choreography.